April 2012

Books read in April:

  1. The Grass is Singing. Doris Lessing.
  2. Christ in the Passover. Ceil and Moishe Rosen.
  3. Monsters of Men. Patrick Ness.
  4. Dune Messiah. Frank Herbert.
  5. Children of Dune. Frank Herbert.

Best (only) literary fiction: The Grass is Singing
Best (only) non-fiction: Christ in the Passover
Best (only) YA sci-fi: Monsters of Men

Apparently this month was mostly spent reading the subsequent books in science fiction series(es). I’ve already posted reviews of those books. As for my literary read for this month, I picked up The Grass is Singing on a whim. It was on the books-sharing shelf in the research centre common room. The only book I had ever heard about by Doris Lessing was The Fifth Child, which I’ve heard is very strange and somewhat disturbing. The Grass is Singing, however, caught my eye because it is about a white family in former Rhodesia, set in the early part of the 20th century. The descriptions of the land are stunning, and the white attitudes towards the ‘natives’ are appalling. I felt uncomfortable reading it from this side of the millennium. But it is supposed to make you uncomfortable. In fact, if it doesn’t, I think you’d have some serious soul-searching to do. The other non-science fiction book I read this month was Christ in the Passover, which is an explanation/introduction to the traditions of Passover and how this holiday foreshadows Christ’s death and resurrection, written by two Messianic Jews. At times I found it elementary — but then, it was written for a lay audience. Overall it was a very informative, insightful book to read.

Also, only one of the books on the list is one I actually own. One of my goals for this year is to make good use of the library, and it looks like I’m succeeding.

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