After finishing the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness (tune in tomorrow for a review), and having already read The Hunger Games trilogy, where am I going to get my YA folksy/sci-fi dystopia fix?

I’ve been trawling Amazon, looking at other recently published YA sci-fi trilogies that are labeled dystopias. A few I’ve even added to my wishlist to give them a go (when I have money to buy books, or, you know, my birthday is only a month and a half away…). While reading the summaries and the reviews, I’ve come up with a few more questions:

What makes a story ‘dystopian’? (As opposed to, say, ‘post-apocalyptic’.)

(Surprisingly) Why do so many dystopian/sci-fi trilogies feature female protagonists? Are there other such books that feature male protagonists other than the Chaos Walking trilogy?

Any ideas?