I haven’t mentioned yet that Ros and I have had to move out of our house. We moved out on Friday, actually. Our house has got mould. I’d wondered if we had for a while now, since my repeated attempts with air purifiers and HEPA-filter vacuums haven’t decreased my sneezing and allergies one bit. I was beginning to suspect that it wasn’t just dust that I was allergic to. And then mushrooms started growing in the bathroom…

Fortunately, unlike the bedbug incident, my landlords this time have been great (surprisingly so) and we’ve been put up in a guest house down the road. I was worried that they would blame the mould on us — that we weren’t airing out the bathroom enough or whatever — but when they tore up the shower the mould was so bad that it was clearly a problem that predated our move into the house. Thank goodness? We don’t know how long it will take to fix, which isn’t something I like to think about very much. Hence you’ve been getting book posts. They’re easy to write.

The good thing is, though, the place where we’re staying has a really lovely garden and a cat. Miss Amber Eyes, I call her, though her name is actually Toffee. She’s very friendly and has already taken to running to me with little chirrups. (Focusing on the silver lining here, as you can tell.)

Isn’t she pretty? And the garden is nice to sit in, too.

Of course, if you believe any of that, then you might wonder how it was that I managed to turn our lounge upside down to surprise Ros this morning. (April fool!)

Last year’s April Fool prank was difficult to beat. I set the bar high with bringing one of Ros’s nightmares to life. What could I possibly do this year? It had to be big. It had to turn the world upside down.

So that’s what I did.

Granted, it would have been much easier if I had ropes, wire, bolts, and power tools…

Unfortunately, Ros was not at all surprised. She came down the stairs, saying, ‘Why are you up so early? Oh, it’s trickery, isn’t it. I thought it was early for you to be up on a Sunday morning.’ Sigh. If she had waited only one minute more she would have found me sitting upside down on the sofa. Oh well.

4 thoughts on “Up-so-down

    • Chera says:

      We did have mushrooms growing in our shower (months ago) but no, we haven’t had to move house because of mould. I thought that this was a nice, not-mean prank! Why don’t you like April Fool’s?


  1. Sarah says:

    It wasn’t mean. I suppose I don’t like April Fool’s because I was always taken in (and still am) by them…and then I do feel like a Fool…and I don’t like it. So, even though I know it is (usually) in good fun…I’m not usually a good sport about it.

    And, I’m glad you didn’t have to move house, though if you did have to I hope your landlords would be helpful and good. Who is that kitty?


    • Chera says:

      That kitty is one that lives on a street near ours — I see her sometimes when I’m walking home. She’s very friendly and always comes to me when I stop to say hello. I call her ‘Miss Amber Eyes’. 🙂

      I have the opposite problem with April Fool’s, meaning that I tend to not believe anything I read on April 1st because it might not be real!


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