The Other Place

My first port of call for my trip south was The Other Place, Cambridge, to visit some friends who recently moved there from our lovely seaside town. I wasn’t even there for a full 24 hours, so it was but a ‘taster’ visit. Though I took lots of pictures, I was your typical tourist and can’t tell you much about what I saw. I merely took pictures of things that were pretty.

Jake had to work, but Chris and I went to wander the city center and visit a few colleges. She hadn’t had a chance yet to be a tourist in her new town, so I’m glad I was there to force her to take a day off and wander around. I kept being disoriented: I am so familiar with Oxford, and yet here was a place that had colleges, too! But the colleges and streets were all ‘wrong’ — the colleges were in the wrong places and the streets turned the wrong way. I think I would need to stay in Cambridge for quite some time before I stopped comparing it to Oxford. Continue reading