Renew, reuse, recycle!

We heard about them a year ago.

We’ve received post saying that they were coming.

Earlier this week, the kitchen caddy arrived.

Then the green bins began lining the surrounding streets. When, oh when!, would we receive our own?


Ros and I have been poring over the new recycling guide that has accompanied the delivery of our new kitchen caddy and green bin. We now have four wheelie bins: Blue for general waste, Grey (Black) for paper and cardboard, Green for cans and plastics, and Brown for food and garden. Food waste can now go in the Brown bin! Even plate scrapings! We have a bin for plastics and tins now! Instead of trekking up to the recycling centre up the road, we can recycle plastic and tins from our own front door — even metal and plastic lids! And we can recycle juice cartons after all — as paper! Oh frabjous day! Calloo, callay!

Perhaps we are a little too excited about recycling. Luckily we are not the only ones. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has a house has been anxiously, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new bins. You could hear us asking one another excitedly, ‘Has your green bin come yet?’ ‘No, but my neighbour’s has!’ According to the guidebook, we can recycle pretty much everything. How exciting!