Garden: Planting a sunset

Today I planted a sunset in our front garden. I can’t wait for all of the flowers to bloom!

For once the beautiful, clear sunny skies coincided with my day off. I went to the garden centre and bought new gardening gloves as I had worn both of last year’s gloves to tatters, and bought some flowers too. My goal this morning was to focus on the border of the front garden.

So I dug up the border entirely, salvaging the one primrose that managed to survive somehow from last year, and pulling out all of the weeds. Not long after I began, none other than Miss Kitty sidled into our garden. She inspected my handiwork and I assume she approved because she stayed for a few pets, too. I rescued the other four remaining primroses from the pots that had completely gone to weed — the pots I would use for Narcissus and tulip bulbs.

Even though I remembered that I ought to take a ‘before’ photograph, I ultimately forgot in my excitement to start digging. What did I plant in my flower beds? Narcissus, Delia blue red-eye primroses, Delia apricot primroses, and orange-duet violas.

The violas are my new favourites — though I might have to attribute some influence to Patrick Ness, as Viola is such a strong character in his novels. Not all of the violas are blooming, but I expect they will look wonderful alongside the primroses. (Wondering what the blue specks are? Slug repellant — my only weapon against my gardening archnemesis.)

The border isn’t all that exciting until the flowers start blooming, but I’m much happier knowing that it’s done and there are flowers there to greet me when I come home. My next project is going to be the flower bed in the back of this photo, the one under our front window…

3 thoughts on “Garden: Planting a sunset

  1. Hanna C. Howard says:

    When I worked at Southwood, we sold primroses as houseplants in the spring (OK being far too hot for them in the ground), and I remember a particular English woman coming in and getting very nostalgic over them. She said she planted them every year in England, and loved the yellow and peach colored ones best, because they were the most fragrant. Sure enough… I couldn’t stop smelling the yellow ones after that.

    Lovely border!


    • Chera says:

      Oh, I haven’t noticed that primroses have a scent. I’ll have to go give them a whiff — I usually decide what flowers to get by colour instead of by fragrance. Maybe I should get some yellow ones for the other flower bed…


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