Spring is in the air…

On my way home today I passed by one of the little garden shops near my house. Already it had a stand out with flowers on display. It being sunny, it being the onset of spring, I could not help but stop. Narcissus! Those tiny little daffodils that Ros was saying she preferred to their larger cousins — I knew she would not object to those in our front garden. Nor the beautiful, purple and orange violas. Nor the primroses. Mentally I filed away which flowers were available and reluctantly tore myself away. First we need to dig up the garden. There needs to be somewhere to plant said flowers.

So yes, dear readers, it is nearing that time of year where you will hear (read?) me wax poetic about playing in the dirt and receive periodic updates about my Victory Garden. As the days continue to lengthen I will be able to work in my garden when I come home from work in the evenings. Maybe Miss Kitty will come round our garden again, maybe I will make some new garden friends. Stay tuned!

(Are you one of my local readers? Come over and play! I will need help digging and clearing out the green house. I have just discovered an amazing recipe for Earl Grey chocolate cake. I will bake it if you help me dig and plant flowers in my front garden.)