Ode to tea

Tea is the elixir of life.

The best cuppa is made by pouring just-boiled water over teabags in a teapot. Our household prefers Yorkshire tea. Once the tea has steeped a suitable amount of time — approximately two minutes — then one pours the tea into cups. I’ll let you in on a secret: tea tastes best when one already has milk in the cup when one pours the tea. Milk, no sugar. The perfect cuppa.

Tea: how such a simple thing can both calm and fortify the spirit! Its warmth relaxes and enlivens, awakening the mind and warming the blood to press onward, to greet the day and see it through. Tea can help alleviate any problem. Someone’s just recalled your book? Drink a cup of tea. Don’t know where this chapter is going? Tea. Depressed by the employment outlook in your field? Tea. Worried about paying back your student loans? Tea. No really, tea.

Yes, tea is essentially just flavoured hot water. Yet its virtues come not only from texture or taste, but also in the very act of production. One has to stop what one is doing, wait for the kettle to boil, wait for the tea to steep, wait for the tea to cool enough to drink without burning one’s mouth. Drinking tea is a lesson in waiting; compelling the drinker to pause and to reflect. Tea clears the mind, calms the spirit, comforts the heart.

When in doubt, drink tea.

3 thoughts on “Ode to tea

  1. Megan says:

    I guess all I can do is echo Hanna. Actually, I was enjoying a cup as I read this yesterday and realized that my appreciation for the stopping and waiting is limited. Once the tea has steeped, I can’t wait any longer. And so… I slurp. *gasp* Alas, it’s true.


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