Hippo hooray!

In less than 15 min from now in San Antonio Zoo, two of my childhood friends will be getting married. My friends Lydia and Drew are having their ceremony witnessed by the hippos, and though I wish I could be there in person, they’ve arranged their ceremony to stream live. It’s nearly midnight here, but it’s as close as I can get.

There was a group of nine of us: the Fun Day Group, a name that stuck after Marianne and I planned ‘fun days’ for our friends. None of us really fit in with the other cliques at school, and some how or another we ended up together. Although the group of us was scattered across five different high schools, we arranged ‘fun days’ at least once a month, oftener once we had cars, fewer once we entered university. Some I’ve kept up with better than others, but we all watch each other and keep tabs via facebook, at the very least. I’ve been to Joel’s wedding and to Danielle’s, and well, Lydia and Drew are next, and they’re marrying each other.

With the hippos!