Rainy Saturday

While the rest of the country has been forecast lots and lots of snow, we just have rain. I can never tell whether rainy days will mean more or fewer visitors to the museum. Today, just like the rain, we’ve had a steady flow of visitors.

Even though I’ve lived here for over three years, sometimes it still feels wrong to complain about rain. I grew up in a desert. You mention rain to anyone from San Antonio and they’re likely to joke, ‘Rain? What’s rain?’ No, I don’t always like to walk in the rain, or that weird sense of not-feeling-quite-put-together that comes from being wet, but I still come from a land where we thank God for the rain.

Today is one of those days I’ve gone to work before work: I was in my office this morning at 9.30, reading articles for a couple of hours until I had to open the museum to the public. I’ve read a couple of articles while at MUSA, and now I’m back in the office to read a few more.

And a few things I still need to do this evening:

  • Wash All Saints’s towels and my surplice to take back to church tomorrow;
  • Cook dinner;
  • Write out notes for the Postgraduate Christian Union (PGCU) Bible study I’m leaning tomorrow;
  • Update my monthly budget;
  • EDIT: Watch The Lion King.*

Tea is in order. Tomorrow will be equally busy, if not busier.

* Oh goodness. I haven’t seen this film in about a decade and I can still remember the words to every song and most of the dialogue. 😀