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I am going way far away for a few days in search of some sunlight and warmth. When I come back I hope to find that more than one or two people have answered this poll. If you read this blog, let me know what you think! Yes, even you lurkers out there. 🙂

Off to find the sun!

In review

My 2011 in review. I did this last year and it was fun to see how much the year can hold, so I’m doing it again. I can tell just how crazy and busy last year was since there were months I couldn’t remember at all what happened and had to refer to my own blog!

January: I return from lovely Yorkshire and resume work on my Thesis. I read a lot of books and survive the darkness of January.

February: I institute the new annual holiday of St Elfleda’s Day. I visit friends in Oxford and attend a palaeography masterclass in Bangor, Wales.

March: Spring arrives and part of me begins to wake in the sunlight. I begin work in the garden and make a new friend, the pretty Miss Kitty.

April: Ros wakes up to a nightmare come true thanks to my fantastic prank for April Fool’s. More work, more gardening, and joy comes at Eastertime.

May: With Faith’s help, I finally learn how to crochet. More work in the garden. I present at a myths and fairy tales conference in Cardiff, Wales. The month ends with my birthday and delicious cake.

June: A month of writing: I finished a chapter of my thesis and wrote a novel, The Golden Crab for JuNoWriMo. I go to Stirling for to see the newly renovated 16th century royal apartments.

July: A month of travelling: I present a paper at the IMC in Leeds and attend the Triennial International Arthurian Society Congress in Bristol. Between the two I spend ten days in London attending proms, plays, reading in parks, and going to museums.

August: More gardening: the courgettes and blackcurrant harvest begins. The Lammas fair comes and goes. I jump on a jet plane to visit Sarah in Ohio.

September: I attend the wedding of Felicity and Thomas G. in Oklahoma, visit Kelly in Texas, and visit my parents, also in Texas. I leave the U.S. with far more books than I brought with me, and come home in time for the apple harvest.

October: I watch more television than read books, furiously crocheting a baby blanket. Preparations for NaNoWriMo, and Survive November begin. Some friends and I celebrate Halloween.

November: The busiest of all months: I write a conference paper, a book review, and a novel, The Hero for NaNoWriMo. I work 20 hours a week at the museum, while also staying on top of various other commitments.

December: Another busy month: I write another chapter of my thesis, perform and participate in various Christmas services, and work 15 hours a week at the museum. Ends well with a visit from my parents for Christmas and with amazing my mom with London’s New Year’s firework display.

Happy New Year! Here’s to whatever adventure 2012 may bring!