Ali Baba pots

Chris and I had notorious bad luck when it came to museums in Cyprus. Every time we went to one, it was closed. So we did a lot of wandering around and sitting in cafés instead. Most of my photos, as a result, are somewhat random. For instance:

Why not clamber on top of a huge Ali Baba jar? Chris reluctantly took this photo of me. She said that if I were one of her students I’d so be in trouble right then. I wanted to climb inside, but, well, even this was a bit too precarious…

The Ali Baba jars were in the courtyard of the Folk Art Museum, which was, yes, closed. As was the Byzantine Museum and the cathedral. So was the museum at the Bishop’s House. But we did get to see a baby Roman aqueduct and another Liberation Monument.

The figures in the Liberation Monument reminded me of the revolutionaries that moved to Anarres in the history of The Dispossesed by Ursula K. Le Guin. I can imagine similar expressions of rapture and relief as those settlers, the peaceful anarchists, the Odonians, first stepped onto that brave new world.

And of course, we sat in cafés, drinking Cypriot lemonade and Greek (Turkish) coffee.

Then, alas, I had to leave sunny Cyprus to return to the UK. It was a long flight, I arrived in London late at night, in the early hours of the morning, but Charly was there at the bus station to pick me up. But then, we only had a few hours sleep until we were up again, catching the last Night Bus into the center of London…

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