I like Cypriot cats

Well, I’m back. Even though I was only gone for a week it feels like much longer. I was in Edinburgh for a day, in Cyprus for three days, and in London for two days. It was so wonderful to get away for a bit — and to go somewhere so very different, yet familiar, where there was sun and warmth and the best food I’ve ever eaten.

Thank you to those who voted in my poll. It seems like you all want to hear about being an ex-pat the most, and one of the best parts of being an American in the UK is the opportunity to travel. For instance, going to Cyprus.

I think one of my new goals in life is to visit as many Mediterranean countries as I can.

Three days in Cyprus really isn’t enough. It was supposed to be a four-day holiday, but weather in Edinburgh intervened to delay my flight by 24 hours (a trend, I am discovering, whenever I try to leave the country). Even so, my holiday was worth every minute. Chris had already set up our flat in Larnaca, and on the first day we went to Limassol, mainly to see the Roman ruins at Kourion. Continue reading