December 2011

Books read in December:

  1. The BFG. Roald Dahl.
  2. The Borrowers. Mary Norton.
  3. Three Hearts and Three Lions. Poul Anderson.
  4. The Faerie King (original). C. A. Cole.
  5. Kingdoms of Elfin. Sylvia Townsend Warner.
  6. Eger and Grime. James Ralston Caldwell, ed. *
  7. Northern Lights. Philip Pullman.
  8. The Subtle Knife. Philip Pullman.
  9. The Amber Spyglass. Philip Pullman.
  10. The Changeling Sea. Patricia A. McKillip
  11. Mockingjay. Suzanne Collins.

Best Faerie Novel: Three Hearts and Three Lions
Best New Read: The Changeling Sea
Best Trilogy: Mockingjay
Best Short Story Anthology: Kingdoms of Elfin

This was quite a month for reading! I both began and ended December with a few days off from the world, which means delving and soaring into realms of fiction. This last week I’ve read a book nearly every day. I read so many excellent books this month that it was difficult to choose bests.

You will find that I have added Books Read in 2011 to the Bibliophile menu. Eighty-six (86) books read in the last 365 days! That is eleven (11) more than the previous year. Maybe, just maybe, I might reach 100 in 2012?

And because charts are fun, I have pie charts showing the books I’ve read each year since 2009 divided by genre. Click below to see!
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