Deck the halls

Cranberry and popcorn garlands. Candy canes hung on the tree. Christmas cards arranged on a card ‘tree’ and placed on the mantle. Books and stockings and nativity scenes.

How do you decorate for Christmas?

Personally, I like the colours red and gold, and lean towards such things when choosing to decorate my tree. Silver and white make their appearances, too: silver apples, white from the popcorn of homemade garlands and from American, red and white peppermint candy canes. I prefer wooden toys — a train set, a small rocking horse, and a nutcracker I just got this year — to lots of images of that jolly red giver of gifts. No Santas go on my tree, the figures have to be angels or small nativity scenes. I love bells, stars, apples.

So what sorts of things do you decorate your home with for the season?