Fun at work

Yesterday and today were busy days at the museum: Christmas cupcake decorating masterclasses yesterday and a pottery workshop today. I’m wiped out! But the good thing about organising and running these events is that even I get to take part in them!

For instance, here are my two cupcakes (which survived the trip home):

I’m not big into baking and decorating cakes, but having the different nozzles for icing cupcakes would be nice to have for those times that I do!

Today at the pottery workshop, I got to throw pots for the first time. It was marvellous! The morning had been rather stressful, and it was such a nice reprieve to immerse myself in something creative. I made two pots, which the potter has taken away to dry, glaze, and fire, so I don’t have any pictures of those. I really hope they don’t explode! Be sure that when I get them back in the new year I will be showing them off. I had so much fun that I want my own wheel now, and a kiln. Potters’ tools are now being added to my list of things to have at my imaginary country house, with the workshop for spinning and weaving, and the writing hut, and the library…