Lessons Learned

These are things I already know, but, well, sometimes I forget:

  • I don’t slow down gradually. If I am busy, and have lots of things to do, I go go go until I crash. This usually involves hitting a mental wall and requires at least 13 hours of sleep to become functional again. The best thing to do when I reach this stage is to feed me and send me to bed.
  • I require regular doses of fiction. This is for the sake of my sanity. I realised yesterday morning that I had gone a month without reading a word of fiction. So great was my thirst that I read a third of EDGEWOOD and nearly half of Voices by Ursula K. Le Guin. It should come as no surprise that for three or four days I was finding it increasingly difficult to write my novel. My well of fiction was quite simply dried up. This, I hope, has begun to be remedied.

November has been and will continue to be quite busy. I had gone a week without an evening at home, so last night after work I canceled all of my plans and went straight home. I made a delicious meal of grilled pork, baked sweet potato, and steamed broccoli accompanied with a glass or two of rosé wine. I watched an episode of Frozen Planet and fifteen minutes to 8.00 PM I was in bed with a novel and asleep not more than half an hour later. This morning I have returned to a mostly normal-Chera state of being.

Also, tea – tea is surely the nectar of the gods.

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