Dancing dwarves

Cookies and milk and Princess Agnes for inspiration:

From Chapter Three:

            A dwarf pressed into his hand a sandwich of ham and cheese and another gave him a flagon of beer. He took both hastily and hungrily, and then he kept his own bargain. He played the traditional yuletide dancing songs first, following with a few he had made up of his own. The dwarves linked hands and danced, weaving in grand chains around in circles and looping under arched arms. Owls and robins swooped down onto branches around the dancing company. The owls bobbed their heads in rhythm.

            Lukas played himself breathless. After the dancing songs he played calmer ones as the dwarf children fell asleep in their places and the adults refreshed themselves with beer. The werelights dimmed with the first rays of sunlight. The dwarves packed up their children and their beer, leaving a basket of food for the mortal who had played for them. The grandfather dwarf brought his granddaughter over to thank the mortal knight one last time. “You are very welcome,” Lukas said to the dwarf girl with a smile.

            “The best dancing night we’ve had in years,” said the older dwarf. “I haven’t heard such music by a mortal since your grandfather’s day, or his father’s before that. Good luck, Prince Lukas.”

            The dwarf girl’s mother called and with the snap of their fingers the dwarves were gone.

Word Count: 14,015