In Chapter Two, Lukas and his aunt and uncle are attacked by a gryphon:

The gryphon bent its head to snap its beak at the boy as Lukas slashed his sword into the air, striking it across one red, bloody eye. With a terrible cry of pain the gryphon shook its head, tossing drops of blood across the clearing. Where the drops of blood fell the ground sizzled. Lukas stood in horror as the grass around him faded into patches of gray, with coils of magic rising as steam into the air.

He turned as the gryphon leapt towards him again. As he parried another blow from the gryphon’s talons, he was vaguely aware of a dragon circling overhead. Lukas struck the gryphon’s legs as it ran past him. The gryphon stumbled and fell. The boy ran across the clearing, leaping over the fallen trunks of trees. He slid to a stop beside the gryphon’s head. Beneath him the gryphon whimpered and coughed. When its one seeing eye saw the boy it struggled to rise again, to fight. Lukas drove his sword through the gryphon’s eye and into its brain. The gryphon fell, dead.

Lukas withdrew his sword, shoving its point into the ground. He fell onto the ground beside it. The gryphon did not move. It was dead, and he had killed it.

Word count: 6212

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