Scary ghost stories

On All Hallows Eve, a sea nymph, the Black Plague, a mad scientist, and a zombie congregated in a candlelit room. The sea nymph presided.

‘Who shall go first?’ asked the sea nymph. It was decided that she would go. Haloed by candlelight and ghosts, the nymph opened a tome and read, ‘The Wife’s Story’, by Ursula K. Le Guin.

All sat enraptured. Next, after refilling their glasses with white wine and their plates with cheese and spiced cookies, the Black Death read ‘Trial for Murder’ by Charles Dickens. The company shivered with glee at the inscrutable ending.

Time was swiftly passing. The zombie read ‘The October Game’ by Ray Bradbury. The company of the uncanny gasped and exclaimed at the end of the story. There was still one more story to be told, but no time left to tell it in. The company departed into the night, carrying ghosts and cups of sweets for their tricks and tales.

Happy Halloween!

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