NaNoWriMo Prep, 3

It should come as no surprise to those who know me, or have read this blog for some time, that my ‘Life’ Pre-November to-do list is longer than the one used for coming up with my novel. For me, the story is the easiest bit. Making sure I keep up with everything else in Life during November is the hard bit.

So the last week of October I do a number of things: 1) do laundry; 2) clean/organise the main rooms of the house (at least November will start with them clean…); 3) finish any crafty projects I have going (else they will languish until December); 4) generally take care of House/Grown-Up Life stuff; 5) make sure that I’m well stocked with food.

The latter two actually take up the most time. This November will be especially manic: in addition to writing a novel, I will be continuing my work as a full-time PhD student (with a conference paper and a chapter of her thesis to write); working four days/week at the museum instead of only two; as well as keeping up with choir rehearsals, dance classes, and Bible study. To make life a bit easier for my immediate future, I have been freezing an extra serving or two of the meals I have been making in October. I sat down and wrote out my schedule for November, highlighting that I will have time/energy to cook only two or three evenings a week, when I currently cook at least four nights a week (to provide enough leftovers and variety to provide for lunches as well). So to make sure that one certain nights when I get home late from rehearsal, or have worked a couple of full days at the museum and can’t be bothered to cook, I have a number of frozen meals to choose from.

One must also take into consideration Writer Fuel — snacks! I prefer cookies, Halloween candy, clementines, and my special NaNoWriMo Trail Mix. The trail mix includes peanut M&Ms, dried cranberries, almonds, pretzels, and, the special ingredient, roasted pumpkin seeds. (It would also include Goldfish, except has to be an American import.) This weekend I will be baking cookies for my Halloween party, and you can be sure that I’ll bake a few extra to keep for writing…

Fortunately the weather has been cooperative this week, so I have been able to do some work in the garden (pulling up the dead plants, sorting out the compost heap messiness, and so on) as well as do a number of loads of washing that are hanging outside.

As for my crafty projects, I finished crocheting Thomas’s baby blanket today (finally!). The Halloween ghosts didn’t take as much time as I thought, so I got those finished last night. The only thing I have left is to finish my Halloween costume. Though I might at least make a shopping list for the Christmas crafts I want to do, so that I can have that ready first thing on December 1st.

Basically, the goal of this week is to get as much done around the house as I can so that I don’t have to do it (as much) during November.

How are you preparing for Life During November?

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