There were a few post ideas I had, but I can’t remember them anymore. Instead, a summary of a very good Monday:

Sleeping in, and waking up refreshed. Breakfast of toast and honey and sausages and tea. Watch an episode of M*A*S*H while crocheting. Read more of a very good book. Run a couple of errands on my way to French class. A less-bewildering French class than usual. Go to Rebecca’s and hang out for a little while; getting to hold wee Thomas and see him smile. Come home to skype with Megan. Get the spare bedroom ready for Faith. Read more of my book, then go to ceilidh dancing class. Come home, relax…

…and soon to go to bed. I feel a little guilty for skipping out of going to the pub with the rest of Celtic Soc, but I do not have the youthful vim and vigour of undergraduates.

2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Hanna C. Howard says:

    I fully intend to reference this blog post any time anyone accuses me of being far too young to be acting so old and stodgy. “I do not have the youthful vim and vigour of undergraduates,” you said. I love it! Neither do I, dear Chera, neither do I. And so I shall quote you when the occasion calls for it.


  2. Chera says:

    It’s true, though! I think that being in my mid-twenties classifies me as an ‘adult’, thus justifying my need of 8+ hours of sleep per night! I can’t be expected to keep up with an 18-year-old.


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