I woke up at the usual time this morning and the sky was silver tinged with pink as the sun rose over the sea. Summer has truly left us. The leaves are turning, the pumpkins are growing, the air is chill. Term starts this week at the University. Yes, Autumn is here.

My schedule is not quite finalised yet, but I am going to be quite busy this semester. Hopefully it isn’t too much — I don’t think it will be, once I get into a routine. One of the things I’m having to get used to is having Monday be my day off. I work at the museum on weekends, and on Sundays I’m away from home from 9.30A-10.00P what with church, work, and PGCU, so Mondays really do need to be my Sabbath.

I’m also considering leaving Facebook. I’ve been reading up on the new Facebook Timeline that is going to be launched soon, and I’m not all that enthused. I want to maintain control over what is and is not visible on my profile and to my network. Right now, one of the new features is that Friends ‘subscribe’ to various updates from their Friends. I do not like this at all: I would rather have the option of choosing whether the things people can ‘subscribe’ to are visible at all. As it is, I do not have that choice. I have to hope that my ‘Friends’ respect my privacy as I do theirs and ‘unsubscribe’ from things like ‘Comments and likes’. I immediately went through my entire Friends list and unsubscribed from things like that; even so, Facebook still shows them to me, just not as often. But how many people are going to take the time and jump through the hoops necessary to respect their friends’ right to choose what they want to share, not what Facebook wants them to share?

I gave up Facebook for Lent, thus I know I can quite gladly live without it. I do, however, have a few hesitations:

1. Photos, namely, photos of my nieces and nephews. From my blood-relatives to my best friend’s new baby, the only way I currently have of seeing them is via the photos my friend and sister-in-law post on Facebook (which both update more regularly than their blogs).

2. I have recently been made an administrator of my museum’s page.

Right now I think I am going to wait until the change has actually taking place before I decide. Perhaps I will be able to keep my cards close to my chest after all.

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