Our Garden, Part 11


More than one thing wreaked havoc with the garden while I was away. Gales blew over corn stalks and sunflowers, battered the courgette plants. Some sort of disease is attacking the pumpkins and courgettes. My landlord, in his inscrutable wisdom, pruned the apple tree and blackcurrant bush. Why anyone would prune fruit trees or bushes in autumn, when they are covered with ripe or nearly-ripe fruit, is beyond me.

Beyond me.

Left: Before, and Right: After

Our apple tree produces Monarch apples, a type of cooking apple. Ros and I were both looking forward to making lots of appley things: pies, crumbles, bread, butter, sauce. We both love apples. I use a lot of apple sauce in holiday baking, and I am more than upset at this inexplicable loss of a resource. No, the garden isn’t really mine, and no I didn’t plant the apple tree, but I had watched it bloom and grow fruit, and had read up on how to prune it — properly — in winter so that it would produce even more fruit next year.

So now my day off this coming week, weather permitting, will be spent trying to salvage what I can of the garden. And I mourn the devastation of our apple tree.