A case of bibliophilia

It isn’t that there aren’t bookstores in the UK, or even used bookstores, but despite of this fact I find myself buying the most books those few times I visit the U.S. and can go to Half Price Books. Maybe because Half Price Books usually have a lot in stock, or maybe because most of the authors I read are American authors — I just find more that I want to read at Half Price. There’s one in Dallas that is as big as a Barnes & Noble, and the one I usually frequent in San Antonio even has a medieval section.1

All this to say, I have acquired quite a few books this visit to Americaland. Despite returning books I had borrowed from both Sarah and Kelly, I will be coming back with, er, more than I came with. But look at them!2 Aren’t they beautiful?

And it should come as no surprise that I spent the first day at my parents’ house playing with my library.3 Each time I visit I cull the library a bit more… I took around 40 books to sell to Half Price Books today. (To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of selling books to Half Price. I’m still bitter about the one time I took over 40 books and only got $2.00 for them. This time I got $24.25, which is, sadly, more than I was expecting to get.) I browsed the store while I waited for my offer — a dangerous thing to do — but I exercised remarkable restraint: I selected only two more books, and hit the jack-pot for Disney DVDs. I am so excited to have Aladdin, The Black Cauldron, Hercules, Ratatouille, and Robin Hood. Hooray!

There is one book I am especially pleased to have acquired as a gift from Felicity: The 40th anniversary edition of The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. But not only that…

…it’s signed! Hooray! I’m going to start needing a special shelf where I can put my signed editions. Thank you, Felicity!

With all these new books, I am now once more applying a book-buying ban on myself. No more buying books until at least Christmas.

1 However, I did have to take the liberty of reshelving The Book of Margery Kempe from where I found her in the anthropology section to where she rightly belonged alongside Chaucer, et. al.
2 Missing from this photo is Love in the time of cholera by Gabriel García Márquez, because I forgot it was in my purse.
3 Someday, all of my books will live in the same place. Someday!