Travel woes

It seems that every other time I want to make a transatlantic flight, the first leg of my journey is canceled. Last time, it was the Great Snow of 2009 that stranded me in the Edinburgh airport. This time, it is because of Hurricane Irene. Fortunately, I found this out before arriving at the airport — thank goodness I just happened to be checking my flight status online during breakfast. I phoned my mum (it was only 11.30 PM her time, so early was I awake) because I couldn’t find any UK numbers to call. She phoned United customer service, and after being on hold for nearly two hours we finally were able to talk to someone. The woman who took our call was very helpful — the exact opposite of her airline’s website! — and I have been put onto a different flight tomorrow morning, flying into a different, non-East Coast airport, and arriving only 24 hours later than I would have originally. Not bad. We still need to confirm the first leg of my new flight, but the woman said that shouldn’t be a problem. At one point during the call we realized that our conference call (for we had her on speaker phone and she could hear me via skype) was covering Scotland, Texas, and Hawaii. Technology still amazes me.

So, faced with an unexpected free day, what do I do?

…thus using up 9 of the 12 courgettes I picked yesterday. There was also various sundry, lots of skyping with my mom, and watching the new Doctor Who. New Who! I actually watched it ‘live’ on my computer. It was fun. Now, to go to bed way early so I can wake up at 3.00 AM for Take 2 of my American Holiday.

One thought on “Travel woes

  1. Chris says:

    I found an awesome zucchini recipe and thought of you! Would you like me to send it over, or is too late now that you’ve left Scotland? (E-mail me, though: I won’t see it if you respond here.) Hope you had a safe flight! <333


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