Our Garden, Part 10

Right now, my Victory Garden is mostly taking care of itself. The pumpkins are spreading their vines as far as they can across the garden and I’m hoping the small fruits that are forming will be big and orange and ready for Halloween. The sweetcorn is valiantly growing in Scottish weather, and even a few cobs are forming, sticking out their creamy tassels to flutter in the wind. I’m disappointed that on the whole the sunflowers haven’t been as successful as I hoped, but I did get one good, beautiful sunflower. When I look at this sunflower, my heart is glad.

And then there are the courgettes. Lots of them.

That’s only the bag from today’s harvest. I’ve given bags of courgettes away to friends, colleagues, and even my supervisor. Ros and I have been putting courgettes into whatever we cook for dinner, and we’re still not going through them fast enough.

Just a few things I have made with courgettes:

As well as, you know, tossing courgettes into whatever other concoction I might be making, be it pasta, rosemary chicken with tomato sauce, chicken coconut curry, Scotch broth, or my own spicy red lentil soup. On the list of things to do with our cornucopia of courgettes is to make quiche, chutneys, and blanch some to freeze.

Any suggestions for what else can we make with courgettes?

2 thoughts on “Our Garden, Part 10

  1. Chris says:

    Commenting, as ordered. 😛

    Zucchini is actually one of my staple foods: I make zucchini and tomatoes at least once a week, and it’s the easiest thing in the world and really flexible, too. You can add meat, Parmesan cheese, other vegetables, or homemade croutons (all or any of the above, of course!), and you can eat it alone or over rice or couscous. Delicious! Good luck with the harvest! 😉


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