A pleasant journey

It seems to be my luck to arrive at the bus stop just after the bus has pulled away when I need to get to the rail station. Usually it is raining, too, and I’m out of breath from running with my bags. It is for this reason that I carry a taxi company’s business card in my purse.

Thinking this was a rather inauspicious beginning to my summer travels, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that I had booked a first class ticket down to York. This renders my carefully packed lunch redundant, as I will likely be served lunch (I will eat both anyway, because over the past couple of weeks I have developed an appetite). I was greeted with a cup of tea, a croissant, and free wi-fi. And so I sit on the sea-side of the train, watching the silver sea pass by outside. I am glad I had the foresight to organise a comfortable journey south to begin my first week of conferences.

I’m quite pleased with my packing skills: three weeks’ of clothes, including conference gear and three pairs of shoes; computer, camera, and mobile along with necessary chargers and cables; toiletries, hair dryer; a towel; my apothecary and basic first aid; six books; three notebooks; my current knitting project; dried fruit and granola bars; a travel spice kit; lunch.

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