Beauty and rain

Summer has turned into constant rain once more. It is strange how one can go from wearing a lightweight cottony dress on one day to wearing layers, wellies, and a raincoat the next.

The roses in the 66 NS garden are blooming. I stop to admire them every time I walk past (which is every time I leave and enter the building, as I tend to exclusively use the back door). They were particularly beautiful covered with droplets of rain.

And because it is summer in Scotland, the thistles are blooming. I always forget how much I like thistles until I see them.

I also bought an umbrella. Normally this would not warrant a comment, but this is the fifth or so umbrella I have gotten since I moved here nearly three years ago. The previous four or five have broken irreparably, and with the pouring rain forecast for this week, I desperately needed a new one. I decided to forgo the small, compact umbrellas for a more sturdy, traditional umbrella. Something that wouldn’t blow inside out. I wandered all over town in search of the perfect umbrella (not too big, not too expensive, not boring or hideous looking). The one I found is still a bit bigger than I wanted, but it’s vintage style and matches my wellies. This is very important.

And the woman at the till said she had one, too, and had had it for ages — and that it never blows inside out. Perfect!

2 thoughts on “Beauty and rain

  1. Chris says:

    I am commenting on this post only because your pictures are too beautiful for me not to, and because your new umbrella is amazing. Just so you know. 🙂


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