June 2011

Books read this month:

  1. King of Attolia. Megan Whalen Turner.
  2. Reading Mélusine: romance manuscripts and their audiences c.1380-c.1530. Tania Colwell.
  3. The Princess and the Hound. Mette Ivie Harrison.
  4. Serenity: Those Left Behind. Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews, and Will Conrad.
  5. An Introduction to the English Version of ‘Melusine’: A Medieval Prose Romance. Robert J. Nolan.
  6. Black Powder War. Naomi Novik.
  7. The Hero and the Crown. Robin McKinley.

Best novel about a king: King of Attolia
Best novel about a red-haired princess: The Hero and the Crown
Best other novel about a red-haired princess: The Princess and the Hound

How could I choose between The King of Attolia and The Hero and the Crown for best rereads? Honestly.

Today I finished:

My novel: Just a short while ago I wrote, Here ends the tale of Princess Agnes and the Golden Crab, closing my novel at 50,022 words. A month ago I did not have a novel. Now I do. I’ve written the third book in a series! Wow.

My thesis chapter: This morning I put the finishing touches on the second chapter of my thesis, printed it out, and handed it to my supervisor after lunch. This chapter at 19,652 words, ‘What is the difference between fairy and demon? The Case of Melusine‘ forms the keystone of my PhD thesis. My PhD thesis is now nearly half-way done! Oh my.

A favourite book: I spent the remainder of a sunny afternoon reading in the quiet serenity of the Cathedral cemetery, where I read the second half of The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley. Without a doubt, Aerin is my favourite princess ever. I have been told that I am more than a little like her, and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read this beloved book.

Both Rebecca and Kelly have pointed out that this has been quite the month of writing for me. I may or may not have written the most words I have ever written in one month this June (I honestly don’t know), but one thing I do know: that it is possible to write a novel and be actively writing my thesis at the same time.

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