Another ‘On’ Day

Have I mentioned recently how much I love where I live? It is days like today that remind me of it: when the sun shines unexpectedly, warm as summer should be; when, feeling restless in my office, I can escape to the sea by walking down the street. How fortunate I am that ‘work’ can mean walking along the cliff and the seaside, letting one part of the brain stew over what to write next while the other glories in the blue of the sea that sparkles with diamonds.

Today was another good day. If last week was an ‘off’ week then it looks like this week is ‘on’, so far! I wrote nearly 5000 words today, 2300 for my thesis and 2300 for my novel. I just need another day and a half of ‘on’ days and then I can rest for the weekend.

A while ago Ros called up the stairs, saying, ‘O Writing One, the last piece of cake is yours!’ So I am going to go reward myself with cake.

WORD COUNT: 47,775