A day in the life


  • 6.00. Wake up when it gets fully light in my room, and go back to sleep.
  • 7.30. Wake up again with my alarm.
  • 8.40. Morning ‘commute’ (including a short pause to watch the ducks).
  • 9.00. Arrive at the office. Make a cup of tea and sit down to work.
  • 1.00. Lunch with Rebecca and Ros.
  • 2.00. Return to work.
  • 5.30. Leave the office.
  • 5.50. Catch the tail end of PM on BBC Radio 4.
  • 6.00. Make and eat dinner while listening to the Six O’Clock News and Comedy Time on BBC Radio 4.
  • 7.10. Sit down to write novel.
  • 10.45. Put clothes in the washer.
  • 11.05. Blog.
  • 11:20. Bed.

An ideal day would also include time spent reading for fun and/or knitting, but I am not going to argue about today. Instead, I’m going to bed with a Cheshire cat grin on my face because I added about 1000 words to my thesis chapter today and wrote over 3000 words for my novel and finished Chapter Nine. Excuse me while I am terribly pleased with myself.

WORD COUNT: 45,491

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