My own roses

Though a bit late this summer, everywhere I walk in town the roses are blooming. Whether they are climbing up garden walls or growing in bushes here and there, whenever I see them I smile. I used to hate roses — or rather, the idea of giving someone roses, because it was cliché and I didn’t really like the look of roses that came from a florist. Roses growing out, though, are a different thing entirely. The Red House in Oklahoma had a rose bush, and while caring for it for the year and a half I lived there I read Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley, and well, I fell in love with roses. Since then I have remembered that my MeeMee kept roses at her house in Charleston. I am glad to share this connection with her.

So when I was walking home from working at the Registry today, helping prepare for graduations this week, I was admiring other people’s roses and feeling sad that my own garden did not have any. It was a beautiful warm afternoon and I took a longer route home, even if I was very tired from a full weekend of work. My route happened to pass by the other little garden shop, which tends to have a greater variety of plants than the proper garden shop nearer my house. I paused to looked at the plants, not intending to buy any, as most plants are out of my budget right now. But then I saw a teeny rose peeking its head out from the shadows of a low shelf. I walked away with two, because together they were only £3, and I couldn’t decide which I wanted more. I came home, repotted them, and put them on the sitting room windowsill — the default home for plants until I decide where they need to go. I hope they stay there, because it also means I can look at them, and smile at my very own roses. I plan to keep them in pots as long as I can, so that they can move with me when I move house.

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2 thoughts on “My own roses

  1. Sarah says:

    Lovely! I think it’s wonderful how your green thumb is developing 🙂 I hope the roses smell good, as well as looking pretty!


  2. Chera says:

    I wouldn’t praise my green thumb, yet — at least, not with regard to flowers. The hyacinths have since died, the primroses are mostly still accounted for if no longer flowering, and I’m not entirely sure what the cyclamen is up to. It seems that plants I intend to cook with tend to be alright, so if I intend to make rose petal jam (supplemented with petals from other roses as well) and use the rose hips from these roses, maybe they will survive. I really want them too. My roses are so pretty and they make me very happy.


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