Under 25? Actually, no.

I went to Morrisons today for my weekly shop. On the menu this week is risotto, which necessitates white wine. Having never been carded before at Morrisons, I was not anticipating any problems. However, when I handed the cashier my Texas driving license as a form of I.D., she said, ‘I’m sorry, we don’t accept this form of I.D. It has to be a UK driving license or your passport.’

My expression was one of utter surprise, and I cannot entirely remember what I said. Something along the lines of ‘Really?’ with tones of disbelief and criticism.

She explained that she could lose her job or pay a hefty fine. Meanwhile, I was thinking to myself, But my driving license is a government issued form of I.D…

‘I’m twenty-six,’ I said. The signs in Morrisons all say Under 25? Don’t mind if we card you, etc. I don’t exactly look seventeen anymore.

While she rang up the rest of my items, I pointed out that since I live in this country, I wasn’t going to be carrying my passport around. She said it used to be that they would only accept British passports. I thanked her curtly and left the shop.

On my way home, I stopped by the co-op and picked out a bottle of white wine. The cashier asked for my I.D. and I handed her my Texas driving license. She said, ‘Perfect,’ and gave it back to me. Thank you, Spar, for proving Morrisons to be absolutely ridiculous.

Edited: In a fit of customer annoyance, I sent a complaint to Morrisons explaining what had happened. Their response admitted that they are actually unable to accept non-UK passports as forms of I.D. either. They suggested that I purchase a PASS approved Proof of Age card (which are £10). Hah!

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One thought on “Under 25? Actually, no.

  1. Sarah says:

    “unable” ???? Really??? All they need is to see a birthday. You could just as easily forge a UK ID card as an American one! Sheesh!


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