A day ahead

I have not been as diligent with (daily) updates about JuNoWriMo as my comrade-in-words Kelly is over at her blog. Though I will not begin writing daily updates, I will, perhaps, try to be better about including a word count at the end of my posts.

That said, during last night’s writing session I got a day ahead (recap: to reach 50,000 words in 30 days one only needs to write 1,667 words/day). This leap forward was actually the product of writing extra during two days’ worth of writing sessions. I am very pleased. Usually I try to write two days’ worth on the first day of a WriMo, but that didn’t happen this time. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to have some cushion.

Princess Agnes has thus far been chased by wolves, entertained in a pleasant palace, told a story to trolls, walked down a road that led to nowhere, been kidnapped by toads, turned into a seal, joined a circus, and run away with a dragon. She’s made a new friend and travelling companion, the Golden Crab. Soon and very soon the illustrious Pooka will make an appearance. As always, when the Pooka appears I expect the novel to write itself…

WORD COUNT: 16,793*

* And before, dear readers, you begin to think, ‘Wait, why does Chera only have 16,793 words when Kelly has over 20,000’, allow me to inform you that Kelly‘s goal is to write 2,000 words/day, because her novel is going to be much longer than the standard 50,000 words. We are both on schedule for our respective writing goals.

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