Myths & fairy tales

It’s only three (3) days until JuNoWriMo — because NaNoWriMo isn’t enough insanity for a few of us (meaning, me and Kelly). I have decided to write Book 3 of my Fairy Tales series and I am terrified. Book 2 was nerve wracking enough, and now I’m going to pull it off for a third time?

The Faerie King was easy. I was essentially rewriting Sir Orfeo, one of my favourite Middle English romances, and the Orpheus myth naturally paired with the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. The Harpy (formerly The Knight of the Rose) was trickier, but Beauty & the Beast and Cupid & Psyche came together better than I thought. Now I need another fairy tale, and another myth.

Do you know how difficult it is to find fairy tales about princesses who actually do something? And tales about princes don’t easily lend themselves to adaptation into tales about princesses. I have a couple of ideas that I am trying to milk into being novel-length. I’ll be writing on 1st June whatever happens…

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