An inheritance of plants

I am used to ‘inheriting’ items from friends. From kitchenware to bedspreads, I can now add houseplants. Faith and Isaac left this weekend to return to the U.S., parceling out their belongings among their friends and among the things Faith gave me were some plants.

Chris will be very pleased to know that I now have a cactus: the plant on the right is some sort of cactus, but which type I’m not sure. Christmas cactus, maybe? I re-potted the one on the left — I can’t remember what kind of plant it is, but hopefully it will be much happier now. The cactus needs re-potting as well, except I ran out of both compost and coffee grounds, so that one will have to wait a little bit. The hyacinths in the middle are doing just dandy.

5 thoughts on “An inheritance of plants

  1. Chera says:

    Thanks! Now I can look up how to care for them. It looks like all three will have to find homes other than the windowsill. Now, where to put them…


  2. Faith says:

    The cyclamen likes a little sun–if it doesn’t get any, it will send out ever-longer buds in an effort to find sun.


  3. Chera says:

    Good to know. I read that it needs indirect light. It’s in hibernation mode now (pretty certain) which means it will bloom again in a couple of months. Unfortunately, the hyacinths didn’t last very long. I’m trying to revive them, but we’ll see…


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