A few notes

Oh look, it’s Thursday. A few notes I’ve been meaning to say something about:

  • I am very disappointed that Greg Mortenson of Three Cups of Tea actually fabricated most of the material in his books, and that the charity he helped found has suffered by its association with him.
  • The Royal Wedding is tomorrow. Practically all of the charity shops in town have dug up wedding gowns to put in their display windows, and the life-size cut-outs of Kate and William in one of the cafĂ© windows kind of creeps me out.
  • Speaking of creepy: DOCTOR WHO, oh my goodness. Ros, Tristan, and I were cowering by the end of the episode. Those aliens are just scary, and it was a two-parter, erk. Cue shouting at BBC iPlayer.
  • I’m baffled that the ‘birther’ conspiracy still has any momentum. Really, people? And I love how completely bemused British coverage has been about it. I agree with the reporter for The Guardian: as Jonathan Swift said, ‘you can’t reason somebody out of something they were never reasoned into’. Let me just say now that if you buy into the birther conspiracy I will think a little less of you. I seriously doubt that any of this hoopla would have happened if his father had been white South African and/or if he had a more European sounding name. Good grief, people. Get over your xenophobia.
  • Specsavers is totally superior to Boots as opticians go.
  • Slugs and snails are my enemies. They ate two of my sunflowers, and kept swarming over my poor primroses. I finally caved and bought slug killer pellets. It’s been working. Now my housemate is sad because I’m killing snails. Just can’t win, can I?
  • In the process of trying to acquire a PhD thesis for the library I now have an Australian academic pen pal. And she’s read Melusine.