Our Garden, Part 3

To reward myself for such a productive week of writing, and to take advantage of what became a beautiful, lovely day, I went home early this afternoon. I changed into my gardening clothes and delved in with both hands and pitchfork. My ongoing task is to deweed the vegetable patch so that it will be ready by mid-May.

My kneeling pad, gloves, pitchfork, claw-thing, and bucket. Kneeling and working in the dirt feels a little bit like prayer.

I can only weed like that for so long though, before I need a break. It was so mild outside that I didn’t want to go back indoors, so I found some other things to do. While I was clearing the dead leaves from a patch of bulbs (I don’t know what they are going to be yet), one of the garden cats came to see what I was doing. Polo kept me company while I finished up what I was doing in the garden and put my tools away, and then I sat down in the sun and we visited for a while. I hope he comes back soon.

And these are our sunflower seedlings! They make me very happy. The ones marked with sticks have compost and coffee grounds as an experiment.

(Two posts in one day, I know. What is getting into me?)

2 thoughts on “Our Garden, Part 3

  1. Megan says:

    I think it might be joy that’s gotten into you. And sunlight. That’s cheesy but I think it’s true. I teeter between liking the sunlight and hating the heat. It got up to 90F today, and it’s only April! Ick.


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