New old things

Apparently Twitter has missed me. It sent me an email saying so. But I can say with honesty that I haven’t missed Twitter, or Facebook for that matter. Sorry Twitter, your desperate email isn’t going to make me break my Lenten fast.

One thing I love about my friends with whom I still exchange birthday and Christmas presents is that we don’t set much importance on deadlines. We try to get gifts to each other ‘on time’, but… well… sometimes Christmas presents get delivered a few months later. I’ve been known to send birthday and Christmas gifts in the same parcel to save on postage. I received part of my Christmas gift from Sarah this week. She made fabric rosettes that can be pinned onto a coat, cardigan, or wherever. When I saw the blue, flannel one I knew I wanted it somewhere special, but where to put it?

I’ve had this hat since I was an undergraduate studying in Oxford. I bought it five years ago last month. I haven’t worn it much recently because, truth be told, I was getting tired of it. The rosette was just what it needed to have new life. Thank you, Sarah!

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