Sunlight remedies

This is my third springtime in Scotland, and though it’s still only the beginning of spring — oh, what a difference sunlight makes! Each year springtime blooms with greater brilliance. I can understand how the pagans would celebrate the changing of the seasons: the sunlight makes me want to dance, to sing; I stand in rapture in the sound of birdsong. The weight of darkness has been lifted from the world.

It was a lovely, sunny weekend. More puttering about the garden, watching the birds that come to our feeder (and the cats that saunter by with more frequency than before…). I made chicken stock for the first time yesterday afternoon, which was so easy I’m baffled why I hadn’t tried it before. I’ll see how successful I was when I put it in soup later this week. I made chicken coconut curry for dinner (far better than my first attempt months ago). And last night, Ros and I baked banana and apple muffins. It was Ros’s first time baking ‘in volume’, using cup measures.

Some of you may remember my post about baking woes. Ros and I both have had bad luck with baking in our oven. I took Rebecca’s and Casey’s advice that our oven might be running hot and put the muffins on a lower rack and at a slightly lower temperature than the recipe called for. We also used the new muffin tin that my mother brought for me. The result? Perfection. Thanks all!