Take with food

I take a lot of medicine.

At the present, I take 8.5 pills a day; 12.5 pills one day a week and 9.5 another, with the odd injection thrown in here and there. This is excluding near-daily pain killers and the occasional allergy tablet after I’ve been working in the garden. Almost none of them can be taken at the same time (or with certain foods or drink), which means I have to remember to take them at various times throughout the day.

  • Prescription A makes me feel better about life.
  • Prescriptions B and C keep my body from self-destructing.
  • Prescription D counters the toxic effect of Prescription C.
  • Prescription E serves a similar purpose as B and C, but in a different capacity.
  • Prescription F is restoring an important mineral to my body.

However, Prescription F might be inhibiting Prescription E, thereby reducing E’s ability to keep my body functioning normally. So in addition to the twelve (12) vials of blood taken out of me this month, I expect to have more taken soon to make sure that I’m still getting enough of Prescription E into my system — once we get today’s results back. And we’re still waiting for the results of some of those other tests. Looking at my diary just now, I’ve gone to the hospital 10 out of the 13 weeks so far of 2011.

Thank goodness for socialised health care.

In other news, there is sunlight. Even though it is grey and raining today, it is light outside, and I can feel the difference. And today while we were fixing lunch, Ros said she saw my friend the grey kitty outside. I went out at once and didn’t see her, so I called for her. Just when I was about to go back inside, she leapt over the hedge and came running to me. We had a good visit and and even played tag around the garden. (She was much better at chasing me than having me chase her, because she wanted to be caught and petted.) Then it started raining harder and I didn’t have on a coat, so I had to go back inside. I didn’t mind the rain though. Kitties are some of the best medicine.

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