The weekend

Spring has arrived. The daffodils are blooming in our garden, today we changed our clocks, and it’s been warm enough to work outside in a long-sleeved t-shirt with a hoodie in the shade. It also means I’ve been doing odd jobs here and there. I re-strung the washing lines so that one of the lines isn’t an old extension lead and also to give us more room (I found a way to string two lines from each pole) and pulled up the remains of last year’s vegetable garden. After church today I picked up a couple of bags of ‘Grounds for your garden’ from Starbucks to mix in with our soil. I’m glad the Starbucks here does that! We were going to plant our seedlings indoors today, but in the process of planning the layout of our vegetable patch we realised we didn’t know how much room our landlords wanted. So we’re going to wait until we’ve heard back from them — hopefully soon.

Yesterday morning, I saw my friend the pretty grey kitty on the neighbour’s shed. I went out to say hello, but she was intently watching another cat. I got tired of waiting for them to finish their territorial standoff and went back inside to finish making my breakfast. Not long after the other cat was gone she bounded across our garden and was waiting for me at the back door. We visited for a little bit, and then she went to stalk birds and I went inside to eat my breakfast. I’m glad she came back to see me!

So far we have five cats that I’ve seen use our garden as a thoroughfare. I’ll try to keep my camera handy so I can post pictures of them eventually.

It’s head-first back into work tomorrow.

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