First steps

I bought some flowers today for our front garden. Ros and I had decided on 1) No pansies; and 2) No pink or white. So I bought sunset-coloured Delia Apricot Primroses, and they bring a bit of the golden fire of sunlight to our garden. My mother and I spent most of the afternoon working on the western half of the front garden (my mother worked on the eastern half yesterday). It is very overgrown and probably hasn’t been tended for a few years. In some ways, it looks messier now than when we started. But I uncovered some daffodil shoots and we all but filled the brown bin with weeds and dead plants.

There is room along the border for us to plant more flowers. Bit by bit we will have to keep working on the west side. I tire easily, so I will work as I am able, but there is something about the smell of earth and being in the sun that revives the soul.

2 thoughts on “First steps

  1. Sarah says:

    I would love to see some pics too…I really enjoy gardening (when I know squirrels won’t come along and ruin my hard work). Why no pansies? I love them and they are hardy…just wonderin’!


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