Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

For me, choosing a fast for Lent means choosing something that will affect my daily routine, but is not so legalistic as to be a heavy yoke to bear. A slight alteration made to encourage a healthier lifestyle. I don’t think that heavy burdens are the purpose of Lent; instead, it should be something that encourages a shift in perspective, a turning towards God.

This year I have given up ‘social networking’ in favour of the here and now, to be more intentional about how I spend my time and in my relationships. For a study break I’d rather take a walk around the cathedral than compulsively check websites that only serve to only further fragment my mind. ‘Being intentional’ is the theme I want to follow: being conscious of how I spend my time, and spending it doing things that I actually want to do. A lot of these things mean pushing away from the computer and going outside, to learn the names of plants and birds, find new paths in town, to bake, to knit, to read and write, and and spend time with people instead of passively reading status updates. To shift my perspective, to turn toward God and delight in his creation and creativity.

One thought on “Intentionality

  1. Megan says:

    Sometimes I’m impressed even by how many things you aspire to do. I don’t work half as hard as you, I’m sure, and yet you read books for fun as well as for work and hope to learn the names of trees. …Learning the names of plants and trees is something I’ve only considered in a whimsical “wouldn’t-it-be-great-to-know-those?” way that I never counted on fulfilling.

    My ambition in life is to become ambitious, just as my goal in life has been to figure out what my goal IS.


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