In like a lamb?

Hello March!

The sky is clear, blue, and bright. The birds are singing — their songs ring in my ears and I welcome their return as I welcome the sun. Crocuses are blooming. Spring is coming… It’s forecast to stay clear and sunny the rest of this week, and I hope it’s true, even if it means disproving the adage that March comes ‘in like a lion, out like a lamb’. The openness of the sky and the songs of the birds help in their tiny way to disperse my anxiety. Oh, that I could cast my worries on the wind! But instead I listen to the birds sing.

It’s hard to believe it’s March already. Next week is Pancake Day and Ash Wednesday. Lent, already! Time is marching on. I also registered to receive news about tickets for the London 2012 Olympics. Applications for tickets will be available in the next few weeks. Chris and I are going to try to go. Fingers crossed!

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