On Breakfast

My default breakfast for the past few years has been two pieces of toast and an apple (or pear or other fruit if I’m feeling adventurous). Dear readers, this may be subject to change. Last Sunday I made my very own granola. For some reason companies insist on putting raisins in prepackaged granola, and so I have avoided buying such things because I haven’t wanted to spend the time picking out the offending emaciated grapes.

So I made my own, using this recipe.* It was much easier than I thought it would be. I also left out the cinnamon and nuts, so that the granola would be Ros-Safe as well as Chera-Approved. A bowl of Greek yogurt, granola, and sliced peaches has been my breakfast of choice this past week. Besides being tasty and healthy, there is another benefit: it actually lasts me until lunch, whereas previously I’ve been getting ravenously hungry mid-morning. Also, it takes less time to prepare in the morning. I think I’ve found a new default breakfast.


* After reading in the reviews that others also found the granola a bit salty, when I make this again I’ll be cutting down the salt… but it’s still a good, basic granola recipe like I’ve been looking for.

4 thoughts on “On Breakfast

  1. Sarah says:

    That sounds like a delicious breakfast! Greek yogurt has a higher fat content, so that might be why it is helping you feel more full…I LOVE Greek yogurt 🙂


  2. Sarah says:

    Did your granola have clumps in it? Parts where the oats stuck together? I like mine that way, but all the granola I’ve ever made hasn’t done that!


  3. Chera says:

    Yes, this is a clumpy granola recipe. Don’t spread the oats out completely evenly when you spread it onto the parchment paper. You’ll get granola of varying sizes of clumpiness.


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