St Elfleda’s Day

Happy St Elfleda’s Day! Her feast day was actually yesterday, but we had to celebrate it today. Rebecca and I wanted a holiday approximately one month after Christmas, because Winter is Long, so we looked up saints’ days and I chose Elfleda because I like her name. To celebrate St Elfleda’s Day, you need fairy-related things: fairy cakes and brownies. We also had ginger biscuits and snickerdoodles.

Which is why I was baking brownies last night. My mom and Ros helped me to salvage my circular brownies from the muffin tin:

I brought the brownies and snickerdoodles, and Rebecca brought ginger nuts, fairy cakes, and banana bread, and Faith brought some sugar cookies. We had a veritable feast for St Elfleda’s Day.

Ros says that I make baking sound like an extreme sport. I suppose it’s true, considering that last night the brownies bit me. I have the wounds to prove it, too. I’d post a picture, but that would be gross.

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