Baking woes

I never did post about my baking exploits over Christmas. Just as well, as I am about to throw in my apron. I can bake cookies, I can bake the occasional banana nut bread / cranberry orange bread / pumpkin gingerbread. But anything in the muffin tin? Forget it.

Baking in the muffin tin would be so convenient. I could have muffins for breakfast or my mid-morning snack. Baking the various breads in the muffin tin would make it easier to share baked goods. No matter how I monitor it, whether I grease the pan or don’t, whether I use parchment paper or paper cups — nothing works. The tops come out perfect, the bottom doesn’t cook, the whole thing sticks and has to be scooped out. Disaster.

So after this batch of broken, ugly, unshareable brownies, I might just throw up my hands and swear off anything muffin-tin related.

5 thoughts on “Baking woes

  1. Rebecca says:

    😦 This is one of the saddest posts.
    I think that your oven is too hot. Not that you’ve set it too hot (I’m guessing you’re baking at around 190 C?), but that it runs hot. Perhaps turn the temperature down 10 C and don’t use the top shelf.
    When I was a lodger the oven we had had a broken thermostat so didn’t stop heating when it reached the set temperature. That was quite a baking adventure!


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