Time flies

My niece Sarah was the first of my nieces and nephews that I met as a baby and she turns seven (7) today. How time flies and children grow!

Thanks to Katherine I can continue reading the Hunger Games trilogy, for she has loaned me Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Hooray! Now I don’t have to worry about a potential waiting list at the library, and also gives me (more) incentive to read through the book I’m on now.

Also, one reason I love researching my topic is that I get to read such outrageous things such as this:

‘I believe that Medieval Faith and Fable will be found to be characterized by sound and wide learning, literary grace, and a delicate sympathy with those earlier faiths which appeal to our curiosity by their quaint solutions of many dark problems, and touch our hearts by their pathetic attempts to furnish the pilgrim on life’s rough way with comfort and consolation for his journey.’

-from the foreward to J. A MacCulloch’s Medieval Faith and Fable (1932).

Scholarship used to be so patronizing. It still is sometimes, but I hope my work is less blatant than this.

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